Monday, 1 September 2014

Felix and the 8 week update

Sophie came to see Felix yesterday and take him out for a ride - I can't believe its already 8 weeks since he arrived but even though he came in remedial shoes and pads he has made great progress and has been doing lots of roadwork for several weeks. 
This has enabled him to really get busy with growing a new hoof as you can see from the band of new growth at the top of his hoof capsule. His hoof/pastern axis is also better now as his palmar hoof has become stronger. 
In shoes and pads there wasn't much to see...
...but here is his foot today, starting to look much healthier.
This is where the most important changes are happening. 
As you can see, a healthier frog and digital cushion is helping to get rid of that central sulcus split as well. 
This was his lamest foot. Again, you can see the band of new, healthier growth at the top and that his heels are now less under-run - if you compare the hairline its no longer diving towards the ground at the back of the foot and there is more depth of digital cushion as well. 

Feix currently has a rather tatty frog on this foot but he is still happy to land heel first and it will look tidier very soon. In the meantime his shorter toe and stronger heels are also encouraging. 

Always nice to see the digital cushion start to rebuild. Felix has a way to go but has made such a great start - more on him soon!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Gone but not forgotten!

I've not abandoned or forgotten the blog this week but am having an even busier week than usual - incredibly its only just over 2 weeks before the rehabs' reunion and there is a lot to do.

I'm hoping to get the chance for a proper post later in the week!

Friday, 22 August 2014

Filly's 4 week footage

As promised earlier in the week, I'm just posting some comparative stills from Filly's updated footage which I've included at the end of this post.
She arrived with very flat feet and thin soles and naturally this isn't something which can be resolved in 4 weeks so, as you can see, she does at the moment have a shorter stride than she did in shoes.
Her landing is also not yet heel first but she is on the verge of it, which is encouraging especially combined with her much healthier frog and digital cushion.
I'd already posted photos where I was pleased to see her stance was more balanced and that is borne out by the footage as well, even though I want to see a lot more improvement over the next few weeks.
However, considering she has had quite a few issues to deal with, not least the abscess on her LF, she is doing well for a horse so recently out of shoes. A nice start and one which I hope we can build on going forward. 

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Columbo - another 2 weeks

Time for another update on Columbo. Regular blog readers will recall that he has already been here for 12 weeks but it was only at the end of that time, 3 weeks ago, that he started to land heel first on his lamest foot, RF. As you can see from his day 1 photo it was a pretty weedy hoof especially for such a big horse. 
After 12 weeks it was looking and functioning better - though still not textbook. He could now engage the palmar hoof and take some strain off the DDFT and navicular bone but it was tentative. 
Here we are today, plodding slowly on! Although his landing is still not established and confident he at least has been able to maintain it consistently for the last fortnight. 
Slowly slowly...

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Another 4 weeks - Filly's update

Like Wiggy yesterday, Filly has been here for just over 4 weeks. As you can see from comparing her initial photos with today, a few things have changed. For a start, she has blown an abscess at the coronet - interestingly where the bulge in the hairline was when she arrived, though it may not be related. 
This has of course meant she hasn't been able to do as much work this week as normal but I will upload footage on her as soon as I can - certainly later this week, computer permitting(!).
This is the sole shot on her LF in shoes, above...
...a day out of shoes...
...and today. I like the fact that her frog is stronger and that her heels and bars are coming back. You can also see from the lower photo where her break over is changing, and that her toe will shorten again once her new hoof capsule has grown in. 
This is always an interesting angle and shows nicely the changes in digital cushion and frog as well as hoof wall.  

Over 4 weeks its also interesting to chart the hoof growth - the new growth in her RF is particularly clear at the coronet and should make it easy to track growth down the foot.  Its still an under-run foot but looking at the hairline at the palmar foot there is already more depth there. 

In the RF as well changes at sole level are clear. The photo above is her foot on day one and, below, a day out of shoes.  
Today, as with the LF the heels and bars are coming back and the toe is shortening - the line shows where her break over will be once the new foot has grown in.  

A lovely caudal shot to finish - the better digital cushion and healthier palmar hoof is what we really want to see!
As soon as I manage to sort out the computer I will post footage as well - fingers crossed!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Belated updates...Wiggy first

The computer has decided it can cope with photos again after all so here are the belated updates - Wiggy first. He has been here for 4 weeks now and I posted an update on him a couple of weeks ago when he had already begun to land heel first. 
However he had very weak, flat soles which  are only just beginning to get tougher now so even though he was landing well we've only just begun to work him on tougher surfaces. 
 There are still lots of improvements needed and it will be a while before he develops a better sole but for now his heels are coming back, which is good. 
Apologies for the mud but its interesting to compare the hairline between his foot on day one and today. A more level hairline tends to be a sign that the palmar hoof is developing and becoming stronger, with a healthier frog and digital cushion. The hoof wall is also less distorted in today's photo which is another encouraging sign.  

More mud - again - but if you look at the coronet in today's photo then there is the beginnings of a much better angle of growth which should become more evident over the next few weeks. 

The right foot was similar to the left and has also made progress - here are those photos for completeness. 
Again, the heels are moving back and the frog is improving, which should lead to a healthier palmar hoof now that he can do more work. 

There is an even clearer difference in the hairline on this foot.

Again, the start of a better new angle of growth which will bring his toe back further still in time. 

Monday, 18 August 2014

Sorry folks...

...I have masses of photos to post, including updates on Wiggy and Filly, but the software on the Mac is utterly unhelpful, probably due to a recent "upgrade"...

I will sort as soon as I can but photos may not be up til tomorrow..